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Q1 Are there any differences between Ofuna Heart Clinic and
       Machida Heart Clinic?


Go to the answers of this question.

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Q2 What are the symptoms of patients who are coming to your clinic?


Patients come with various symptoms such as cannot sleep, cannot continue their works, cannot go to school, having panic attacks, cannot ride a train, having stomach problems, very obsessive, feeling depressed and making many mistakes in their work, cannot make a good relationship with their boss, and/or cannot do their house work.

The diagnosis of the disease are depression, panic disorder, social-anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder (GAT), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), somatoform disorder, eating disorder, alcoholism, personality disorder, schizophrenia, manic-depression, developmental disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, dementia, etc (current data, December 2007).

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Q3 How do you perform the treatment for mental disorders?


We decide a reliable diagnosis based on the interview and medical examination, and perform a medication if it is necessary. We also perform therapies such as a cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychiatric day care, relaxation, stress management program, counseling, or combination therapy depending on the disease type and condition. Every week, the physician interview the patient to get the information of the current patient conditions, for example the symptoms, afflictions, medication, etc. Those current conditions will be used as a base for the medication adjustment, recuperation advice, explanation of the nature character of the disease, performing psychotherapy (such as behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy), performing an environmental regulation, etc. When there are any problems, which cannot be settled inside our clinic, we will help you to resolve it by consulting it to the mental health and welfare caseworker.

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Q4 What should we do at the first medical examination?


First, please fill out the medical history form that contains questions concerning your present problems, allergic history, diseases you have ever suffered from, etc. After that, our registered nurse will measure your blood pressure, your height, your body weight, etc. These measurements are a simple examination, but very important for the mental disorder treatment. Finally, you will obtain the medical examination.

In the medical examination, we will ask you to explain your condition or symptoms and the symptoms progress in detail. We ask your symptoms progress in detail because it is very important for the diagnosis. Besides, we also consider your hitherto comprehensive circumstances such as life situation, family, and medical history. After all those things, the diagnostic assessment will be carried out. Usually 3-4 kinds of potential diseases are captured. We will then give an explanation about the diagnosis and the treatment. We will also give a necessary medication, explain every kind of group work programs, etc, and offer you to apply the program.

Finally, you will obtain the laboratory examination such as blood test, electro-cardiogram (ECG), and urine analysis. On your second consultation day and later, we will explain all the examination results.

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Q5 I do not like to take drugs during the treatment.


It seems that many patients dislike taking drugs. Why they do not want to take the drugs? Hoping a pregnancy, frightened of getting the side effect, a thought that drugs usage in mental disorder treatment is peculiar, a thought that mental disorder must be cured by a counseling, a thought that curing the disease source, i.e. patient own circumstances, will be needed to cure the disease, dislike the drugs, etc are seem to be the main reasons.

During pregnancy, it is advisable not to consume drugs. When patients are waiting for their pregnancy, they should consult it to the responsible doctor, so that the doctor can arrange an appropriate treatment schedule. However, if the pregnancy planning is not in the present time, but for the next several years, there are almost no problems to obtain the medication, and patients do not have to worry to take the necessary medication.

Generally, mental disorder is caused by the brain dysfunction, and medication is very effective to improve this brain function. Present medical science cannot cure the brain dysfunction by some conjuration or witty word.

Mental disorder is a disease, therefore it is not only cured by counseling, but it needs a medication. Many peoples misunderstand it and think that mental disorder can be cured only by counseling.

Although counseling can help patient to understand their own mental condition, enhance patient ability on resolving their problems, raise patient self-confidence, etc, but still medication is the most prominent method to cure the disease. It is also believed that appropriate psychotherapy utilization, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation, stress management program, psychiatric day care, or play therapy can raise the medication efficacy and cure the disease considerably.

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Q6 Do children and adults obtain a same treatment?


Generally, they only have differences in the medication dose. Because the body is smaller, children medication doses will be fewer than adult. The other treatments are almost same with the adults. However, children’s mother or guardian should accompany the children during the examination to explain the condition, because many children cannot explain their symptoms or condition.

Sometimes it is necessary to perform a separate examination for puberty children. First, parents will be interviewed, after that, children will be interviewed alone. In addition, it is effective for children to undertake the therapy such as play therapy or discussing with the psychologists (counseling) because children condition very fluctuate and is greatly influenced by their friends.

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Q7 I do not know whether I am suffering from mental disorder or not.
       May I just take a consultation without examination?


Yes, you may. Please do not hesitate to come to our clinic.

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Q8 I want to know about mental disorder


Please browse this “Mental disorder information” corner(Japanese only). We also hold explanation lectures, for example the representative of mental disorder, etc in our family room and other room, so please join our lecture.

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Q9 How long will the treatment take?


Initial medical examination will take more or less 40 minutes. The second and the next examination will be varied, only 5-6 minutes or 20-30 minutes, depending on the disease progress, a favorable progress or deterioration.

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Q10 What kinds of physicians are working there?


The physicians are specialist in psychotherapy or psychosomatic medicine. All of them are our full-time employee. They are endowed with the newest medical treatment information and skills, because they are obligated to study not only by organizing a study group inside the clinic but also by attending every kind of workshops and congress. Because all physicians employed in our clinic are gentle, we think that you can easily discuss with them.

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Q11 One of my family members is undergoing a treatment.
        What should I do to keep in contact with her?


We understand that it is not easy for you.

To contribute to the symptoms improvement and decrease your burden, we prepare family group and family classroom. Please join us.

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Q12 Now, I am undergoing a medical therapy for other disease.
        Can I take the medical examination in your clinic?


Yes, you can. Please do not hesitate to take our medical examination.

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